Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pimping it up!

So, it's Saturday evening and i feel tired, the kind of tiredness that's not good. The one thing that helps in such situations is getting lost in bicycle stuff: riding, trying unsuccessfully to trackstand and reading the blogs of the cycle-maniacs on the net. I came across this "Let's get Visible" clip from ACC, Momentum Magazine and B:C:Clettes, ages ago but somehow i started singing it today while wandering the streets on my fixie (aka Ollie) and this led me to wanting to decorate my helmet with high-viz stickers which then led to making some high viz spokes cards from that (extra) SkyRide vest i got from the ride last summer!!

So there, bicycle safety doesn't need to be boring, thanks to the A4 high viz sticker sheet and that extra vest from the skyride everything now is night friendly!

the photos of my pimped up helmet and bag!  

 and that bonus spoke card!