Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cycle East: London Gypsy Orchestra and that saxophone gangster...

Cycle East took place on Sunday 7th March 2010 and consisted of three concerts in different locations – The London Gypsy Orchestra at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, Sweet Billy Pilgrim at the Toynbee Studios, and Soweto Kinch at Rich Mix. The idea was to use bicycles to hop from one venue to the other, and with each band playing at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm cyclists could choose any order they liked to watch the bands.

I ended up watching the London Gypsy Orchestra twice- the second time was much more entertaining as friends and their groovy dance moves joined me- handmade choc also featured in a friend's bag and that carried bonus points to the day! Anyway the London Gypsy Orchestra was excellent and is worth listening to so go ahead and google them.

For the 6pm show we chose Soweto Kinch's gig who i can only describe as a wannabe gangsta who plays jazz and does some rhyming MC-ing. His saxophone playing was much enjoyed and his freestyle MC-ing was fun but I was slightly unable to really enjoy the show as he came across as rude (or more commonly "up his own @rse!" .. i mean if you accidentally kick my friend's bag (twice!) whether you are a wannabe gangster or not, you must apologize. So there, Soweto! 

Churros at the nearby restaurant made me forget the rude boy and his saxophone and the day pleasantly ended with another fixie ride back home.