Saturday, 19 June 2010


i spent my afternoon at the Smithfield Nocturne today, which was brilliant, despite the surprisingly cold weather! It would have been amazing, if there was sunshine, to put the Ice Cream race into context and keep the beer going!

At 19:10  I had the yummy pleasure to watch the Laverstoke Park Ice Cream Race, which really made me giggle!This was a "race with a difference"- the kind of difference that i would always welcome: pros Chris Newton and Ed Clancy and celebrities Jody Scheckter (F1 World Champion) and Ben Saunders raced on Mercedes modified bikes with a special ice cream container on the front, full of ice cream distributed to everyone:

19:30 - Rapha Elite Women's Criterium (30 minutes plus 5 laps) - this was an exciting race with the winner taking first place just on the last sprint! she was awesome, managed to keep on her competitor's tail, until the last few metres when she over took!

Hannah  Barnes Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta
Corrine Hall Team Corridori
Nicola  Juniper PCA CICLOS UNO

20:10 - Tokyo Fixed Gear Longest Skid Competition: the most entertaining thing was the commentator saying: "a skid competition. gee never seen such thing before, what am i meant to say..."
The winning skid was 94 metres from Jonny Fitz! and it was really amazing!!


On the hispster-side of the event, there was also a track stand competition.

20:30 - HTC Folding Bike Race - Final (5 laps): the giggles are back, but also pretty amazed by the speed of some people on the folding bikes!

Results (Folding Bike Race):
Keith  Henderson Dahon
David  Rees Brompton
Antonius  Wubben Brompton

...and of course Rollapaluza:

the car bicycle racks by Anthony Lau from Cycle Hoop