Sunday, 6 June 2010

London Cycle Challenge

"The Cycle Challenge is a competition to see which team can cycle the most miles in a month. Teams that come top win great prizes." that was enough to motivate us to get a few bicycle people together and form a little team named Velocity! The team, at this moment of writing the blog, is at the 14th place and consists of 5 girls: Helen, who either rides her orange (which she claims is actually red) geared Carlton Reynolds 531 or her non-branded single speed bike kindly put together by my creative little hands; Daritius, who rides a singlespeed Charge Plug; Sandra, who is soon having a photo exhibition: 'EXPOSITIONS' and rides a maroon lugged fixie - from what i could spot while speedily passing by; Sandra's friend, Mordecai, and myself usually found to ride my Charge Plug Racer, which has changed over the months from drop downs to mini-risers, flat pedals, new wheel, blah blah that's another blog entry, and occasionally also riding my fixed gear Puch Super-Sprint (but admittedly not that super-sprint!)

The London Cycle Challenge Lead Board is quite addictive and has indeed motivated me even more to are some photos from our ride to Greenwich to clock some miles!