Wednesday, 11 August 2010

bike + shoelace = ground

The difference between riding fixed and free wheel is that with freewheel you can coast and when your shoelace gets wrappped around the inside of the pedal you can back pedal to unwrap it! With fixed gear you can't and i know this by experience!

On Monday night, at around 10:30 pm I had my first comical fall on my fixed bike; my right shoe lace wrapped around the pedal; each turn made the lace tighter and tighter - and only when the pain increased was when i realized what was happening; of course i could not back pedal or coast to stop it wrapping; so there was only one solution - to stop cycling.  Ofcourse simply stopping was not the end of the adventure as my foot was still on the pedal, and a side ways gentle fall was the only option! So there i am on Holloway Road, on the ground with my foot still on the pedal - it took me around 5 minutes to take the shoelace off the shoe to free my foot, and another 3 minutes to unwrap it. A few people passed by, who pretended i was invisible - i guess being Holloway Road that was a good thing - at least i did not get mugged! But, i was slightly disappointed that no one offered help or checked if i was OK. And i felt a little bad asking the youth, if they carried a knife (to use to cut the shoe lace!)  - i mean i did not want to insult them by assuming they were knife carriers!

Anyway, in case you are wondering, i managed not to break my ankle, not  even a scratch. My workmates have enjoyed the story and giggled to it, so all in all a happy ending and a lesson to learn:
Kids, tuck your shoe laces in your shoe before you ride your bikes!