Sunday, 5 September 2010


This year's London Skyride consisted of a 15km car-free route from Tower of London to Buckingham Palace via the City of London and St Paul’s Cathedral; passed Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!

I joined the ride quite late in the afternoon; i admit i was not really in the mood for it, but to keep me motivated i arranged to meet a friend at St James's Park. At 3:30pm (just an hour before its official end, the flow was good without too many stops or slowing down)

My highlights were:
- signing up to the London Cycling Campaign: the reason why i signed up, was because you get third party insurance covered with your membership. And i was also offered a choice of a freebie: a t-shirt or book. I went for the book.
- escaping the bib-wearing crowd and having coffee by the lake with my friend
- riding in empty roads at 5:37pm as the SkyRide had already finished but the roads were not open to cars yet! It took me just 20 minutes to get home and i truly enjoyed the sights!

riding at 5:37: After the SkyRide and before the cars took over: bliss!

the LCC free book with the membership

the main stage in the distance

unfortunately i did not meet Rebecca Romero