Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dick And Fanny Club Night (London)

9th October 2010: My first time at Dick and Fanny, the quarterly club night here in London City! And what an amazing club night: friendly people, great music and also... bicycle safety conscious! The crowd was welcomed by two beautiful people accessorized with a bicycle helmet, lights and a lock too! (Occasionally reminding us while queuing to get in: "tonight it's all about safety" and of course partying; And i did have my helmet too, as riding IS the easiest way to get around London. 

I arrived at around midnight, (after a drink and wiggle at The Book Club for my buddy's Claire's birthday). I was greeted by a queue (which i became part of for about forty minutes )-So people get there early- I then switched queues to the guest list queue (hooray!) and was soon inside with a Tiger beer in hand. The music was excellent and certainly danceable with a good selection of Hi NRG, a mix of classic house and techno!  The venue could have been bigger:  The Star of Bethnal Green was packed, but surprisingly still remained pleasant!

Excellent night and my only advice to you is go early to avoid disappointment..and kids, wear your helmet and use your lights at night!

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