Sunday, 24 April 2011


To cheer me up during my 4 hour flight home, i bought me a copy of Cycling Plus magazine, which came with an additional "Ride to Work" guide. The guide started with a "What Bike" section and under this, "Fixed" was mentioned. I smiled, but unfortunately the smile was soon wiped off. Firstly, the picture that accompanied the Fixed gear column, was of someone riding a bike that i am pretty sure is not fixed - with three cables coming from the handlebars, come on! i bet you one of those is for gears huh?

The article went on to explain that "a true fixie has no freewheel". Duh! well, if it has a freewheel then it is not a fixie. That's what defines it so why the need for the word "true" FFS! As you see i was getting more and more grumpy reading this. Then, the cherry on top, Create is mentioned as a budget fixie example at £299; which is a bit of a shame, cos for 50 pounds more they could have mentioned a much better quality fixie than Create.

Obviously, the fact that the only photo featuring a woman riding was of a roadster bike, made me put  the magazine away. Why, oh why!