Wednesday, 18 May 2011

London Cycle Challenge is back: 18th June to 15th July

Last year ten of us formed a team for the Cycle Challenge, a competition to see which team can cycle the most miles in a month. We reached the 3rd place, with 2926.38 points.
Our team, Velocity,  was:
- Sandra who finished first with 423.51 points, followed by
- Io with 404.35 points
- KElliot with 369.96 points
- Sefeen with 360 points
- Mordecai with 348 points
- Maryanne who reached the Elite badge
- Mmetracyt who reached the Cycle Champion badge
- MizFitz also with Cycle Champion Badge
- Helen with Cycle Champion Badge
- Daritius who reached the Cycle Star Badge

This year, registration has already started at and we are of course competing by logging our cycling miles between 18th June and 15th July ; any excuse for friendly rides, and general hanging out in a bike gang! Sandra is back on the bike and already has registered, same goes for KElliot, Mordecai, Helen and Daritius. Join us! The team is called VeloCity