Sunday, 12 June 2011

Two Degrees: Cycle Sunday

On the 12th June, my buddies Dal and Simon and I hopped on our bikes to join Artsadmin’s Two Degrees festival: a fusion of art and activism, performance and protest, focusing on climate change and cuts.

The festival  included artist-led bicycle events like bike bingo, a graffiti tour of East London, a game of Capture the Flag and a mass community Tour de Dalston. As we were late (and that was all my fault) we were not able to join all the events; nevertheless we managed to customize our bikes with some wheel covers and join the "Legs 11: A Rolling Observational Bingo" 

 The House of Hot Breath led our journey of discovery with the help of transistor radios and bingo dabbers while we were directed to the clues within the journey itself: while cycling passed the canal, a man fished out a gigantic wooden number 4; outside a shop a man wrote a number 5 with soap on the window;  from a warehouse window a woman shook a carpet (or was it a sheet) with the number 69; Our ride through and around Dalston lasted about an hour, and although we were in continuous rain we had a great time. The ride ended at  the The Arcola Theatre with a cup of hot chocolate!

 Transistors and bingo cards mounted on the bikes

"The aim is to illustrate what we gain by traveling by bicycle and how it is not only a healthier,
greener alternative, but it also opens our eyes to our environment and how we take on information
and inspiration from our surroundings." The House of Hot Breath