Saturday, 5 November 2011

Locking Updated

Gone are the days when we could secure our bikes with one D-lock and a cable around the wheels - especially if you are in the Dalston (east London) area. Dalston, in the past year, has become quite known about its bike thieves. Just to make sure you are getting the point:
DO NOT USE CABLES / CABLE LOCKS ! The evil bike thieves just cut them, even on busy roads.

So, the best way to lock your bike in Dalston would be to use a good D-lock around a bike rack, the frame and the back wheel; and a different lock around the bike rack, the frame and front wheel. (and if you have a third lock, then throw it in the picture too, just for luck). Dalston sucks.

...And never lock on a pole....

do not lock on poles! no! bad idea!