Monday, 23 April 2012


Some of the boys on LFGSS are already barking about Levi's using "their cycling passion to sell jeans" and how "SWRVE, man, is making better jeans and is owned by cyclists" (keeping it real)...but let's not get into that argument. Yep, cycling has turned into a bit of a fad, and yes, Levi's is using this to sell jeans, but at least it has made this fun.  And if you are looking for a pair of jeans then why not cnsider the Levi's Commuter jeans?

My usual quest of finding jeans is usually a painful one. First, because i do not suit any of the girl's jeans out there which makes me feel a bit bizzare, and secondly beacuse  i hate it when shop assistants look at me weird if i say i'd like to also try boy's jeans on. Levi's on Regent Street was much more pleasant than this usual experience. A lovely boy offered to measure me and his advice led to encouraging me to try some boy's jeans on. His manner was friendly and sweet, genuinly chatty. I ended up trying the Commuter trousers which are based on the 511 with a bit of added extras like NanoSphere treatment for water- and dirt-resistance, Sanitized tech for protection against odor, 3M Scotchlite reflective fabric for safety after dark,  a higher back rise to keep your builder's bottom from showing, a reinforced crotch, double back layer pockets, and a U-lock storage system.

A pair costs £80 with an option of  5 colours..and i must say they do feel comfortable! 

Now, the fun bit. From the 19th April to 10th May, Levi's are promoting the Commuter trousers by holding a Rollapaluza open competition. the overall winner gets a trip to Paris and the day's winner a pair of the Commuter jeans!

Sprint King of London is at the Levi’s® flagship store on Regent Street from 19th April to 1st May and then onto Selfridges Oxford Street from 2nd May to 10th May.