Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wild West Polo Tourney - London

15th September 2012: Westway Sports Centre, London

On a sunny day, you can get me to agree to anything. Even entrering a bike polo tourney. I have no trophy to prove my participation, but, i do have 3 left knee bruises, shower-resistant arm-length bike dirt and a humongous deep purple lower rib bruise which is a reminder why handlebars should be plugged (if there weren't plugged i would be now, possibly, resembling a kebab).

Our team "What Were We Thinking" sucked. We finished at a joint 14th (out of 16th). But had a blast ( a colorful purple bast) that i am sure we will remember with a smile - watch this space - we will be back. Faster, Harder, Stronger. (cos it's impossibly to be slower, softer, weaker ;) )


Mouldy Kitchen Vs Jean-Claude God Damn

Congratulations to "Party Illuminati" from Newmarket, who won, "Jean-Claude God Damn" from Manchester, in second (who had an incredible 39 goals in 7 games, only letting in 4), and  in joint third, "SoYoPoLoCo" from Sheffield and "We All Play Synth", from Twickenham Cycling Club! Well done, and big congratulations to the organisers and to the likes of us who dared! 
"ouch" souvenir from the Mountain Goats