Friday, 30 August 2013

London Open Bike Polo Tourney 2013

23rd-25th August brought us the London Open Bike Polo Tournament at Highbury Fields (north London). 

Ana, Lois and I entered our all-girl-team under the name "No Horse" representing the Brazilian ladies' team under Liga Feminina de Bike Polo.  We  have been playing for less than a year (and never had the chance to all play/practise together) so it was not a great surprise that our results were poor. (although we should had really won those Killer Tomatoes (a team from Grantham; lovely guys by the way) and we should had reached a better performance against the Flowery tw*ts (a team from Sheffield). Despite that, i had the time of my life and loved every second of it, and i should really thank Paul K, Ben, Phil, Kev and Jess for convincing me to enter. In Kev's words "you are going to get trashed but you'll have a great time" and that was exactly our experience of our first London Open. Of course, i should thank my awesome "No Horse" team mates, Ana and Lois for being amazing, for the high-fives, the laughs, the hugs, the beer and for not getting annoyed for managing to disqualify us at the dance-off! :-). (The end party was epic too! what a great weekend)

Awesome photo of Ana by Will Melling

I spent Friday with a bunch of polo players building up 3 courts; although tiring it was so great to exprerience this great sense of community, efficiency and fun too. Here we are measuring the courts and drawing the centre line

"No Horse" playing in the rain: Ana (L) Io and Lois (R)

No Horse getting ready to play in the Brooks court