Monday, 14 October 2013

Wild West Beginners' Bike Polo Tournament

12th October 2013: Wild West Beginners' Bike Polo Tournament at Westways, London: A tournament for people who have been playing polo for a year or less.

Ana, Fuschia and I formed our all-girl team "Snot Rockets" and entered having zero days of playing together. Nevertheless, with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss we entered the semi-finals, only to be knocked out by the amazing Spider Pigs (Apollo, Mathias, Hugo).

Spider Pigs went on to battle the finals against The Refugees, a team featuring the wonderful Favio of the Underdogs (yes, he did not meet the "beginners only" rule; he thought that London beginners would have a polo skill matching to his- he was totally wrong! Oops! but what a compliment!)

After a breathtaking game, Spider Pigs claimed victory scoring the golden goal. Spider Pigs deserved the win; they played tough, they played fast and they played as a team throughout the tourney, and they wanted it bad! (you could see it in Hugo's eyes!)

Snot Rockets did quite well with 3rd place, and we are proud of our results:

Snot Rockets: 5
Team Doing Alright: 2

Snot Rockets: 3
Los Nuevos: 2

Snot Rockets: 6
Polo Loco: 0

Snot Rockets: 0
Spider Pigs: 7

Snot Rockets: 5
True Beginners: 1

Snot Rockets: 1
The Refugees: 1

Semi Finals:
Snot Rockets: 4
Spider Pigs: 7

 Final Results:
1. Spider Pigs
2. The Refugees
3. Snot Rockets

Photos by Paul Kubalek

Snot Rockets scoring against Los Nuevos
Snot Rockets Vs Team Doing Alright
Team Doing Alright Vs True Beginners
Spider Pigs

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