Saturday 8 August 2015

Tre3e Cycles

The amazing frame builder of Tre3e Cycles is now in Cornwall and of course i am tempted to save some pounds for a custom built frame. 

Check this illustration out!

illustrateSP from Tre3e Cycles on Vimeo.

Monday 3 August 2015

Tapioca making

Although this is not exactly bike related, it deserves a blog post!

Last weekend included visiting our frame builder friend, Flavio, in Cornwall. When we arrived he was in a tiny wooden shed at the front of the house, building a cargo bike.  Flavio, who is the main guy of Tre3e Cycles  started by building fixed gear track bikes in São Paulo. Now, in Cornwall, he is also building cargo bike frames.

On Sunday, we spent the day talking bikes,  going for a walk on the Cornish beach to spot seals, and also eating tapioca. Now this is the non-bike related thing that i also want to document. Flavio has taught us the secret to an amazing tapioca!

So here's the guide on how to make the most amazing Tapioca (including making your own sieve to pass the flour):
  1. First, you need a  plastic insect/mosquito mesh. A sieve won't do, because the holes are too small. You can buy the mesh from garden stores or those little shops that store everything!
  2. You need a frame to attach the mesh to create a sieve. I used an embroidery hoop! :-) 
  3. Put some cassava/tapioca flour in a bowl
  4. Sprinkle with water. (Do not put too much water - if the flour is like paste there's too much water so add more flour. You are aiming to form a stone like dry consistency, by hydrating the flour just a little).
  5. Grate the stone-like tapioca mixture through the sieve so you end up with what looks like a bigger grain flour (what you get through the sieve should not be wet or paste like)
  6. Heat a frying pan (gentle low temperature)
  7. Add coconut oil (just a bit so the tapioca does not stick - you are not  using it for frying)
  8. Put a layer of the tapioca in the pan 
  9. Once it sticks together flip over to cook the other side
  10. Add your fillings. I suggest banana, cinnamon, and molasses sugar
  11. Heat a little more (still low temperature)
  12. Your amazing tapioca is ready! 

Sunday 26 July 2015

Mountain biking, Epping forest

Last weekend we scored some rays of sunshine; great weather for a ride to Epping forest and a bit of off-road cycling. Camping at Debden House which is right on the edge of Epping forest costs just £8 per person; about a kilometer away there's a little local shop for the essentials so a great destination for a weekend that feels to be away from London.

Sunday 12 July 2015

Red Hook Crit in London

A few photos from Red Hook Crit in London

Will riding for Pedlas


East London Fixed

Will and Matt

Friday 1 May 2015

Track stand

Here's what happens when you ask these guys to wait...track stand on a desk

Friday 24 April 2015

Alleycats (film)

Alleycats, the first feature film from director Ian Bonhote, is a high-octane, action/thriller set in London against the backdrop of the cut-throat world of alleycats (bike racing).

I joined some days of filming as an extra (playing myself cycling with a bunch of couriers, bicycle-heads and actors) and as a stunt double.  Through it, i met some awesome people and have experienced shooting the same scene a thousand times. I also experienced how each team on set and behind the cameras work to produce an action movie. 

I had a great time and I am excited to watch the movie. Best of luck to the Alleycats film and its crew! 

Saturday 20 December 2014

By the salt lake

The best idea I had for christmas was to take one of my bikes with me while visiting my parents.
My parents' best idea for christmas was to give me a GoPro with a chest harness included.