Saturday, 19 December 2009

christmas lights the way...

it started cold.

so cold that the meeting point at trafalgar square soon led the way to stop 1, the coffee shop. through the window, we noticed the snow starting to fall - time to begin the ride!
after a combination of cycling, walking bikes over crossings and moving past a melting polar bear, we began the ride itself, heading down the mall to buckingham palace. the snow was fresh under our wheels as we waved to the queen.

from there, we cycled through the snow and under the arches of marble (marble arch) to the edges of the hyde park, winter wonderland. rather than head through the chaos, we pedaled around, over the quiet path that surrounds the glow of lights.

with stops here and there for photos, we got to see the lovely shining lights of bond street and regent street, turning into carnaby street for a walk under the massive, inflatable 60s style decorations. arriving at 10ish meant that it was a quiet walk through carnaby street, with only decorations, lights and shadows for company. lovely.

with snow on our faces, we continued on. a short ride past more lights, through piccadilly to leicester square and we had reached our end. rest time. ready for a warm bagel.....
from here, we could watch the other crazy folk heading through the snow.

it started cold but it finished warm.

(thank you to the snow for being so well-timed in its arrival.)