Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Climate Emergency Bike Ride

On the day of the climate demonstrations 250 cyclists started the action early and took the streets on a loud and colourful bike ride to demand emergency action on climate change from the government.


so, as most of the times, we left the house pretty late - yes, my fault faffing around! we cycled via old street, down clerkenwell and then to the meeting point Lincoln's Inn park. When we arrived we could see the tail of the ride but unfortunately we could not join as my front tyre had a puncture and i was cycling on a flat! of course i had no spare tube, and no spanner - but my eye caught a cyclist on the corner of the park. I thought to try and see if he had any tools or if he could help me out. Amazingly he fixed my puncture and all was good and ready to finally join the ride. It also came out that the lovely guy, Dave, was from ibike and knew Nes and the mancunia!He even had a Spokes sticker on his bike! oh small world! and the small world became even smaller when Jason (who knows both Nes and Dave) came and introduced himself to me as "im the guy who sent you the mixedtape!" Anyway, i must say Jason seemed to be an awesome cyclist! he seemed totally comfortable on the bike, riding with his legs crossed in lotus position(!) and giving me hugs all while riding! RESPEK!

Anyway, i am digressing! The Climate Emergency Bike Ride seemed massive and its purpose was to protest against the big people who are fucking up the world, and support the protests in Copenhagen, and urge the government to make major emissions cuts at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen... and of course promote the bicycle!
There were at least 250 cyclists, 4 sound systems, a band and lots of great friendly atmosphere! The tourists and locals were very smiley and warm towards the cyclists and it felt good! there was also some poetry performance by another Dave who also features at Critical Mass! He was awesome!