Sunday, 14 February 2010

Getting personal on Valentine's day: Valentine Special cycle adventure

The more i get to know east london, the more convinced i get that one day i will indeed love London and call it my city. Our Valentine's day bike ride started at probably the smallest cafe, called taste of bitter love, which was chosen especially because of its name. I am well over those plastic hearts and giant cards - at this wise age of 31 love tastes bitter some times, so this coffee place had to be the starting point of the Valentine Special bike ride, although i admit i was equally tempted to go for Nude Espresso! Anyway, Taste of Bitter Love, serves lovely coffee, has a range a pastries, and makes tasty breakfast baguettes (and they don't seem to take things weirdly if you call them on the phone to ask if a friend is there!)

After loading on breakfast and coffee, we set off towards Greenwich, via Limehouse. On such loved-up day, i decided to ride my 1952 Raleigh, so i look more like Amelie to fit in with that romantic look. The sound of my loose bike mudguards echoed all around the streets of east london. it is a gorgeous bike but gee it is soooooo noisy: clip clap clack....

Once we reached Limehouse, i decided to change bikes so i did not take over all auditory stimulation of the world. From there we reached Isle of Dogs in no time! A pleasant ride next to the Thames, passed the crazy traffic lights sculpture, and bingo the Greenwich footpath tunnel; i was very excited to see that it was open and busy. we jumped off our bikes and got the lift down into the 1902 tunnel with its 200 000 white tiles.

the walk through the tunnel brought us right next to Cutty Sark which is still hidden behind that big blue wall. The day was then spent wandering in the market place, eating and drinking! (damn we forgot to go to the observatory!) At around 5:30 we headed back, ensuring we collected every single rain drop on our clothes.