Tuesday, 25 May 2010


A few people have asked about locking advice so...

I always use 2 locks and 2 wires: 

1) A D-lock/U lock that locks the bike frame and one wheel on a bike rack/railings; If the D lock cannot reach then I use the D-Lock on the frame and bike rack/railings, and a wire is used for the front wheel. 

2) A good 2nd lock that secures the frame and the other wheel on the bike rack.

3) Another wire that secures my saddle.

I never lock my bike on poles:
because the bike can be lifted through...

In short:
  • Lock the bike to something that is very strong and very securely anchored
  • Ensure that the bike & lock cannot be lifted over the top of what you're locking it to.
  • Use a wire for the saddle; and take off your lights!
  • Always use 2 locks (made of different material/different locks as this may put off thieves) and make sure  both locks are attaching the bike frame to the rack/railings.
  •  Fill up the shackle of a D-lock so a jack cannot be inserted into it. (have a small but strong  D-lock.)
  • See the SoldSecure rating site for some locks that earned Gold, Silver or Bronze certification in SoldSecure's tests. Also see ART for their ratings; four stars is best.

    Do not use cable locks as a primary lock; use them as a secondary lock.