Friday, 5 November 2010

Hackney’s Cycle Crime Unit

The recently formed Hackney’s Cycle Crime Unit is made up of  PC Maz Lovegrove and PC Nicola Irvine. The unit is dedicated in reuniting bicycles with their legal owners and preventing bike theft and vandalism in Hackney and also a working with local cycle shops  to encourage them to register cycle frame numbers at the time of purchase.

The Unit is already a success. According to reports their proactive operations include recovering nine bicycles worth £6000. 

if you need to contact Hackney’s Cycle Crime Unit the email address is:

A lovely local resident has commented that she is "cautiously the very least, we'll be looked after by Maz Lovegrove, whose fabulous name will console us in our bike-theft induced grief"

We are more than happy that at least now there are some dedicated people to help out with reuniting our lovely two-wheeled friends with their owners. Thanks PC Maz Lovegrove and PC Nicola Irvine.