Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Rides

Today, i had one of the most wonderful cycle rides: the views were amazing, the traffic was not that bad, and the drivers were amazingly polite and careful: it seems like the snow had some good impact!

Although, slightly reluctant to ride fixed in the snow, i prepared myself this morning to ride to work as i could not bare the crowded tube or yucky buses. And, it was the perfect choice; once in gloves and waterproofs the journey was great and here are my tips for riding in the snow:

- if you have the option choose some thicker tyres with tread (don't be a mindless hipster)! Mountain bikes come in handy in these conditions!
- Let some air out of your tyres; they'll hold better with that better grip
- resist turning by leaning sideways! turn corners by turning the handlebars but keep away from sudden handlebar steering. Use your hips to direct the turn
- make eye contact with drivers and let them know if you need space
 - use hand signals
- ride slowly
- stop slowly and in a straight line
- Avoid ice! Snow turning to slush is manageable - Ice is not!
- i chose main roads today as they were less icy
- don't ride on the edge of the roads as they tend to be more icy
- wear a helmet and hat underneath to keep you warm!
- use your lights
- check your brakes
- be aware of your mudguards as they may clog up snow! Might be better to ride with no mudguards; just use some waterproofs instead
- thick gloves
- hat that covers your ears and still allows you to wear a helmet
- buff for your neck
- thin merino base layer, a hoody and a waterproof
- long socks, jeans and waterproof trousers
- warm shoes with a bit of a grip

Enjoy the ride!