Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tour de Phizz 2012 A celebration of cycling (Dublin)

flyer by Karen Bobaron

A hidden bar, packed with a bouncy crowd of punksters, small enough for the barman to know that my vague gesture was after a shot of Jagermeister; big enough to have one hell of a party! This sums up the music night set up to raise  funds for Tour de Phizz, "an exhibition curated by a team of artists who create artwork  interventions and DIY events dealing with the themes of cycling advocacy and social inclusion."
The night was held at the Bohemian Football Club Bar in Dalymount Park, Dublin 7 Dublin, Ireland on 1st September 2012

Music provided by:

Total Winners
Ghost Trap
DJ Fuxy
Notorious J.A.K

And there was a raffle too! i won nothing but had fun, so yeah indirectly a win, win situation!  

raffle winner gets a bike!